Thursday, June 2, 2011

I get bored so easily :(

erghh im really bored and have too much free time, apa nak buat nehhh .. I don't have any hobbies now, except watching my lovely Khuntoria.. I don't have time for hobbies  because of my studies and that isn't going to change when I go to University. Im just bored with doing the same stuff over and over again everyday. Btw, my class have not start yet, so I need to get out from this bored. =_=   petang ni kami merancang nak pegi beach , ha ha ha . ni namanya dah tahap bosan habes ni, PTPTN  pun tak masuk lagi .. before this, tak pernah pernah late mcmni . nak berjoli pun tak bley.. eemmm, alang2 dah cakap pasal bosan ni, any suggestion of movie that would be great and any ideas of something I could do is great?  ?  


Botak said...

watch 'enemy at the gates'., one of the best war film that i never seen.. :D

Liyka said...

orait botak !!! tenkiuuuu, alamatnya lpsni lyn perang2 la plak sy hahahhaahha .